“The Bicycle” in our village of Besalu, “Tramuntana” in the town of Begur and “Democracy” in the village of Oris.


I have exhibited at several venues within Catalonia between 2009 – 2022 and have had various paid commissions during this time.


Sara started Charming Villas in 2005 and in 2010 I joined the business full time. I continue to create original one-off pieces in my spare time.

During the years 92-98 we were based in London then in 1998 we moved to Canterbury in Kent and started a family. Between 93-99 I was exporting clothing from the Uk to the Czech Republic and when this ended I was back on the tools for a while until we sold up and moved to Catalonia in 2001.


Not long after we arrived in Catalonia I started making the odd sculpture now and then from my garden shed as a hobby. This has continued and at the time of writing I have three pieces in public places within Catalonia;